Exercises for weight loss

In this article, we will discuss the problems that arise when losing weight. To solve these problems, the proposed exercises or nutrition can be used. Adhering to such a diet, you can lose 3-4 kilograms during a week, not by forcing your body with diets.


  • The problem of losing weight
  • 5 exercises
  • Nutrition at losing weight
  • Tips for doing exercises


The problem of losing weight

If everything that you do with enviable persistence does not help, and the excess weight still comes back, then the question naturally arises – why do you continue to do this? However, sitting on another diet, we expect that a miracle will happen and the excess weight will suddenly go away once and for all! But the reality is that diets do not help!

The trouble of many people who lose weight is that every time they want to get a slender figure, they fight with extra pounds, instead of looking for a problem in themselves and trying to solve it somehow.
If the problem was really in excess weight, then, getting rid of it, we would lose weight once and for all. However, this does not happen! Every time after another diet excess weight returns much more successfully than they fought with. What is the problem?

he main problem in the matter of losing weight is the problem of hunger. You can not cope with the diet, because you routinely want to eat trash. You can not think of work, girls, trainings, all thoughts only about a piece of juicy beef. If you can not distract in any way, you can use special means that suppress your appetite. It can be as herbal preparations, dietary supplements, and special means. Picking them, do not forget to consult a doctor!


problem of losing weight


At the beginning On the way to weight loss, you may be accompanied by lethargy, weakness, drowsiness. These unpleasant processes occur due to hypoglycemia (decrease in the concentration of glucose in the blood). This is due to a lack of nutrients. Simply endure – the body will soon adapt to new conditions and everything will return to normal. If your condition greatly worsens, make a one-time adjustment to the diet: eat a small portion of food or drink a glass of juice.

Do not break. Many do not cope with the diet because of weak willful motivation. Every time a thought creeps into your mind: “Well, take it and eat this piece of cake”, remember your goal. On one side of the scale there is a beautiful tightened figure, on the other – the “call” of the stomach. Are you tuned to the result? Then nothing should stop you.
Do not break the rules. Very frequent indulgences and deviations from the regime can “nullify” all your efforts. If you need a serious result, you must have a serious attitude to the process. You accepted the rules of the game, and you only need to follow them clearly. Remember that only by doing a work on yourself you will achieve such a desired result!


5 exercises

Your weight loss exercises will largely depend on how you define self-discipline. This is the most important factor in the effectiveness of classes. They should be regular and with a positive attitude, at least 3 times a week and lasting from 40 minutes. You should like exercises that change you for the better. Exercises for weight loss should be taken with joy, do it with pleasure – every coach will tell you that if you do so, weight loss comes as if by magic. And, on the contrary, if you perceive home exercises for weight loss as hard labor, the results will be minimal.


Exercise 1 – Squats

Place your feet on the width of your shoulders, spread your chest and stretch your arms straight in front of you. Keeping your head straight, slowly bend your knees and drop down. Pull back the pelvis. Imagine, as if you are going to sit on a chair. Try to keep your back as flat as possible. Do not slouch. During the exercise, weight should be on the heels, they should not be torn from the floor. At the lowest point of the amplitude, make a short stop. Buttocks should not fall below the level of the knees. From the bottom position rise, pushing from the floor to the heels, and strain the buttocks. Knees should not extend beyond the line of toes. Exercise emphatically slow. Try not to straighten your knees completely in the top position, keep them slightly bent. To increase the load, you can use dumbbells. Keep them at shoulder level or along the legs. Do 2-3 sets of 8-16 repetitions.


Exercise 2 – Leg bends

First you need to lay a mat on the floor, it will be an exercise. Stand on all fours, one leg to the side, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Run 15 mahovas up, set aside by the foot. It’s better to start with small swings, gradually increasing the height of the swing. Repeat, too, with the other foot. Exercise helps to tighten the hips.


Exercise 3 – Exercise for the press

Lying on the back, the legs are bent at the knees, the lower legs are raised to the level of the knees, the toes are looking up, hands behind the head. We lift the upper part of the back and try to reach our knees. For a few seconds, we hold our breath and strain our abdominal muscles as much as possible. Slowly return to the starting position. On the rise – inhale. On the descent – exhalation. We perform three sets of 8-20 repetitions. Rest between sets: 30-60 seconds.


weight loss


Exercise 4 – For the lateral muscles of the abdomen

Lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, socks looking up, hands behind the head. We lift the upper part of the back and try to reach the left knee with the right elbow. Then slowly return to the starting position. Then we try to reach our right knee with our left elbow. When performing this exercise, you should breathe through the mouth. Rise – a breath. Descent – exhalation. At the peak for a few seconds, we hold our breath and strain our abdominal muscles as much as possible. We perform three sets of 8-50 replays each. Rest between repeats: 30-60 seconds.


Exercise 5 – For legs and posture

We stand with our backs to the wall and slide down it until our legs occupy a right angle to the body. In this position, you need to hold the body as much as you can stand, the more, the better. Breathing is arbitrary. After that, the legs should be burned with fire. Exercise is also convenient because it can be done even in the office.


Nutrition at losing weight

All diets are short-lived. And the right diet throughout life is a must! Properly selected nutrition system will help to cope with persistent colds, problem skin, hair loss and excess kilograms. Consider the 10 main points of proper nutrition.

  • Do not be lazy every time to understand their feelings. Do you really need to refuel or did you get a snack for the company?
  • Make a personal nutrition program for yourself. Taking into account your lifestyle, work schedule and training. For example, on the day of evening training somewhere at 5 pm you need to have a snack with protein tiles.
  • Do not skip meals! Eat a little five times a day – approximately every three hours. In every meal, there must be proteins, complex carbohydrates and some useful fats. Watch for the size of the portion. It should be the size of your palm – no more.
  • Do not skip breakfast! The “right” breakfast will help you lose weight faster. The morning menu should include complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Increase the intake of fiber is very simple – go for whole grains and add to the meals when cooking bran. The benefit is obvious: you will longer feel full, less danger that you will overeat, and the intestine will work no better. Replace refined carbohydrates (white bread, rice, macaroni from soft varieties of flour) with carbohydrates, rich in fiber (porridge, whole-grain bread, brown rice).
  • Choose more dark-green, juicy-red, dense-lilac, bright orange and cheerful-yellow products of plant origin. Replace with vegetables traditional side dishes like pasta and potatoes. Instead of baking, serve fruit on the table.
  • Try to sleep at least eight hours a day. Practice more, however alternate intensive training with rest days, so that tired muscles come to their senses. To make the monotony of fitness loads not turned into stress for your psyche, try new types of aerobic activity for yourself – sports dances, tennis, badminton, bicycle.
  • The last meal should be not later than 6-7 pm.
  • The diet should have enough fluid. Thick soups are well saturated and useful to the stomach. Reduce the amount of alcohol. Drink juice, tea or mineral water without gas. Soda should be forgotten.
  • We need to weigh ourselves every day, to understand what products you gain weight from, and from what, on the contrary, lose weight. Once a week, measure your volumes, in case they start to melt earlier than the weight will move.
  • Also, once a month you can arrange yourself buckwheat or kefir diet, which will cleanse the body of excess slag, and also get rid of a couple of extra pounds.


nutrition at losing weight


Tips for doing exercises

  1. When doing weight loss exercises, remember that the task is not to exhaust the body, but it is pleasant to tire it.
  2. If you started sweating, that’s good. If there are pains in the joints, it is already too much.
  3. We need to create comfortable conditions for ourselves for doing sports exercises for weight loss. I recommend ventilate the room before training. Turn off the mobile phone and exclude other objects distracting attention. It will be better if in the room, and it is better in the apartment, no one except you will not be at the time of the exercises.
  4. In advance stock up a bottle of still water, so as not to be distracted when you want to drink. During pauses between approaches, you can soak your throat. Drink better a little and a little sips, until the next appearance of thirst.
  5. The basic rule for practicing weight loss exercises is the mindset. If you come to training as a pleasant event, which will certainly bring an excellent result for you, then, of course, the fiznagruzki will be cheerful, fun and positive.
  6. One-time training will not bring a visible result. The long periods between classes also have a negative impact.
  7. It is recommended to conduct home exercises for weight loss from 30 to 60 minutes. Of course, ten-minute training will also have some effect, but The fat will begin to burn mainly after half an hour of training. The pace for exercise is better to choose moderate.
  8. At the end of the exercises, the most pleasant action will be take a contrast shower, and if time allows – a relaxing bath.