Fitness for beginners



To be always in good physical shape, and also to feel the desired charge of vivacity and energy will help fitness. Regular classes will allow you to correct visible defects in the figure, bring the body into tone and stabilize the weight. It is enough simply to improve your forms at home without buying expensive tickets to gyms.

What should a beginner know?

To achieve the desired results in the process of fitness at home is possible only with regular training, so everyone should allocate for themselves 3 hours a week. Correct the figure will be, combining the necessary exercises with proper nutrition and regime of the day. Since after training in the body the hormone of happiness serotonin is allocated, fitness is an excellent alternative to antidepressants.


fitness for beginners


Regular fitness classes at home will improve health:

  • strengthen the vessels and the heart muscle;
  • accelerate metabolism in the body;
  • eliminate pain in the joints;
  • training will help to eliminate many pathologies (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, sciatica and spondylosis);
  • complex to improve the body.

Preparatory stage

Exercise at home is necessary, after having prepared the necessary equipment. A training mat, small dumbbells and a fitball (specialized ball) will allow you to practice effectively and comfortably. In the case when there are no such sports devices at hand, they can easily be replaced. Instead of dumbbells, it is often recommended to use water bottles (1L, 1.5L and 2L). The fitness mat can be replaced with a comfortable and dense coverlet, and instead of a fitball it is acceptable to take a rope or a hoop.

At first, you should perform exercises with your own weight, and then include weighting in the form of dumbbells or even bodybuilders (special sticks for fitness). Do not forget to warm up the muscles before the beginning of the fitness exercise, doing the warm-up. This set of exercises will prepare the body for further training and help to avoid injuries.

Choosing the directions of fitness

Before starting the classes at home, you should choose the type of fitness you want:

  • Practical recommendations for beginners. The training complex of the bodyflex and pilates series will allow you to adjust your figure and improve your health when combining stretch marks and breathing. These areas are suitable for those who like quiet and easy lessons.
  • Active weight loss will help aerobics or tai-bo. The first direction implies performing active movements (jumping, dancing) to music. Tai-bo is a unique combination of exercises from various martial arts, performed under dynamic musical accompaniment.
  • Training with a fitball will help to correct the posture, strengthen the muscles of the back and buttocks, as well as improve coordination of movements.
  • Do not skip training and practice regularly to achieve results. The lesson should not be influenced by a bad mood or laziness.
  • Do not show excessive activity at first. If you overtrain muscles, they will not be able to fully recover, which will lead to a negative result.
  • It is necessary to maintain proper nutrition and reduce the consumption of sweets (which include a large number of calories).
  • It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day, as well as replenish the balance in the training process.


top 5 exercises for beginners


Top 5 exercises for beginners

  • To work out the problem zone in the buttocks, hips and calves will help the attacks! At home, it is very easy to perform such exercises. First you should put your feet parallel to each other. Carrying out a wide step forward the right one should sit down and then return to the starting position. It is recommended to make attacks 15-20 times on both legs (2-3 approaches). A similar exercise – attacks back. Lateral are not less effective! To do this, you need to spread your legs to the width of your shoulders, take your right side to one side and sit down, transferring the weight of the whole body to it (the same with your left foot).
  • Strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks can also thanks to squats (doing workouts at home). Standing exactly, you need to place your feet at the jumping fitness shoulder level and squat with a straight back (assuming there is a chair behind), then return to the starting position. You need to do 10-20 repetitions in 2-3 approaches.
  • Beginners should also work out the muscles of the press. It is necessary to pay attention to the waist. In the first case, you need to work both on the muscles of the upper and lower press. It is necessary to lie on your back, hold your hands behind your head and lift the trunk top to the maximum amplitude (20-30 times). For the upper press, the hands should be placed on the elbows from the back and raise the legs at 90 degrees, then lower them down to the floor. To work the waist is easy enough if you twist the hoop or do legs with legs.
  • Work on the muscles of the bust and hands is also necessary for beginners, who are engaged in sports at home. To do this, you need to press off the floor, and also work with dumbbells. Using the weighting, you should lie on your back, take the devices in your hands, pull them up in front of you, spread them apart and bring them together.
  • Home fitness will not be effective if newcomers exclude from their complex exercises for the muscles of the back. Such a physical load will help create a beautiful posture and forget about the pains in the joints. To perform these exercises at home you need to lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward in front of you. Then you should lift the upper part of the trunk simultaneously with the hands up, then return to the starting position.

It is quite convenient and easy to train at home. It’s important not to be lazy, and then the results will soon be visible!