Interval run

Having decided to lose weight, a person is quite difficult to determine the choice of method. Today we have a huge number of sports techniques and exercises aimed at burning subcutaneous fat. How to choose what is ideal for your desires and goals? If the priority task is to lose weight quickly, then interval running can help.

The techniques of interval running have firmly taken their place in many professional fitness programs. Such cardiovascular exercise has many advantages over standard fitness workouts.

Each of us can run. There is no need to spend time on the development of technology. In the first minutes of running, the intensity of the work of the heart increases, and the frequency of its contractions remains at its peak for a long time. Interval running for weight loss does not require special equipment. You only need to wear comfortable shoes, clothes for the season – and you are fully prepared.


interval running


Interval differs from normal running by the presence of gaps between approaches. Different types of such intervals facilitate faster adaptation and help to transfer loads more easily. The main thing – this technique is particularly effective in terms of losing weight. You can lose weight as quickly as possible, even if you have never subjected your body to physical training before. So, consider what is interval running.

Running at intervals – what is it?

Interval runs for weight loss is an exercise with different intensity, which alternate in a certain sequence. This program looks like this: first, light jogging is practiced, at the next stage we accelerate – we need to run with maximum speed, then the intensity decreases, and you go to slow motion. Interval running is divided into several types:

  • repeated;
  • tempo;
  • interval sprint.

For a quick weight loss, an interval sprint is ideal, so we will talk about this technique.

The benefits of interval running

Interval running for weight loss involves the optimal combination of physical activity, due to which there is an instantaneous increase in the intensity of work of all body systems. With the help of interval running, you will quickly strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and, of course, achieve the burning of a significant proportion of adipose tissue.

Physiologically, our body works as follows: during physical exertion, glycogen is actively burning, which provides us with the necessary energy resources.

A large amount of this substance is contained in the liver and muscles, so in the first 15 minutes of intensive training, we lose glycogen, and not burn fat. Only in the middle of the program, energy begins to flow from adipose tissue due to its splitting. Only such a scheme will lead to rapid weight loss.


interval training running


How to run to lose weight

To achieve a stable reduction of body fat, you must follow some rules:

  • run at least 3-4 times a week. Training can be carried out as an independent load or as the completion of the power complex;
  • You can set the number of intervals on your own, but the duration of the run at a quiet pace should be twice the acceleration time with the maximum voltage;
  • Pick up the speed according to your abilities, taking into account your well-being and level of training;
  • To control the pulse rate, use a special device – a heart rate monitor. The heart rate should not exceed 85% of the normal state;
  • you should not train for too long, as in any other programs, the best effect is achieved at maximum loads for 45 minutes;
  • A special table that records the length of the intervals will help you see the training progress.

High-intensity training starts the body’s metabolic system, which burns fat not only during exercise but also within 3-4 hours after its completion.

Technique running intervals

The main principle of interval running is the alternation of intensity loads. The duration of the training, running speed, and other parameters you can choose on your own, taking into account preferences, physical condition, and mood. The intervals are calculated in two ways: by time and by distance. If you prefer to run in the park, then the countdown by the minute is perfect for you, for this purpose it is better to use a stopwatch.

The distance reading can be carried out on specialized treadmills with markings, based on a table or your feelings.

Beginners should start the interval run for burning fat at short intervals. To begin with, the optimal scheme is 150 meters of quiet movement, 50-70 –accelerated running. If you feel that the level of endurance allows you to load the body more intensively, then the duration and distance of the intervals can be gradually increased.

The distribution of the load is better to build a pyramidal way. The length of the intense part at the beginning of the workout is 1/2 of the length of the quiet area. Gradually increasing this time, the calm and intensive stages are equalized in duration and by the end of the training, they return to the initial norm.

Tips for novice runners

It should be borne in mind that running training is not only aimed at strengthening the heart and the vascular system. During periods of intense stress, the heart and the motor apparatus experience severe overloads. That is why the athletes who are experiencing health problems, start the implementation of the training program is only after a full examination and consultation with the attending physician. In the presence of serious diseases, it is better to refuse interval running.


running interval training


Before performing the training, you need to perform a 10-minute warm-up. It will allow maximum warming up of the muscles, stretching the joints and ligaments, which will reduce the risk of injury. It is not necessary to spare time, the prepared organism transfers loads much faster and recovers faster after them.

To conduct interval running for fat burning, it is better to choose a forest belt, a park zone, or a stadium that is remote from the roadway. The intake of oxygenated air into the body will significantly increase the body’s endurance, and a diverse landscape will allow you to avoid monotony.

When running, it is not necessary to strictly observe the distance or time intervals. They can be combined based on their feelings.

There is an opinion that it is better to perform cross-country training on an empty stomach, as the body begins to expend its resources. This statement is controversial because the interval run for weight loss is a very energy-intensive exercise. Not everyone can take it on an empty stomach, it is quite difficult. It is optimal to conduct training an hour after a meal.

When to wait for results

Of course, interval running for burning fat is a very effective way to reduce weight, but the presence of a training factor alone may not be enough. If the amount of calories consumed is more than burned during the execution of the complex, then weight loss may not occur. A healthy diet combined with regular workouts will help you achieve the best results. Compliance with simple rules will allow you to see noticeable results in a matter of weeks.