sports rubber for training




Training will become easier, more fun. Are you interested in how to do this? Then read the article to the end. Today we will talk about an interesting sports equipment. It’s a rubber band.

What it is

This device for strength training appeared many years ago. Originally it was used as a rehabilitation equipment for people who had suffered severe injuries to their limbs. This simulator helps:

  • Pump up muscles;
  • restore tone;
  • return to normal.
Over time, the rubber tourniquet improved, and it became, if not replaced by modern simulators, then supplemented, increasing the load.


rubber tourniquet for training


This shell is made of natural latex. Multilayer technology is used. This allows you to evenly distribute the force of tension and load at each point of the bundle. Over time, the tires have been improved. Apart from medical options, there were sports harnesses made of rubber that does not tear, does not stretch over time.

What for it is necessary?

With the use of a sports rubber, exercises have already been developed that help to tighten the body and return to the form quickly and easily.

Classes with this simulator are available for all comers and have no contraindications.

  • The most popular mini-simulator is used by power athletes. A common occupation is the weighting of the bar, when the rubber is fixed at one end to the floor, and the second to the bar. The harness creates resistance and the bar becomes harder to lift. In addition, weighting is not the only effect when using a sports rubber. is he helps to learn the correctness of raising and lowering the bars. So, it’s easier to do bench press using the harness. It helps smoothly lower the load to the original place, which is assessed during the competition and that ensures a uniform load on the muscles of the hands.
  • This simulator is used by wrestlers. Classes with a tourniquet help to develop the strength of several muscle groups. Knowing the rules for training, with its help it is easier to pump hard-to-reach muscles that are difficult to train on simulators.
  • Such lessons help in home training. The tourniquet will help pump the muscles of the press and arms, tighten the buttocks and hips. Here the main thing is to choose the exercises correctly, to develop an individual training course.
  • It’s amazing, but The rubber tourniquet can not only burden, but also facilitate the load. Often beginning girls use this method to facilitate the start of training. For example, with its help you can easily master the technique of pulling up or push-up on the uneven bars. His help is smooth and even, unlike the pushing by the partner, which was used before.

Today, medical use of the harness is not ruled out. Under careful supervision, rehabilitation specialists help to do exercises that help to restore the patient after a serious injury.

Types of harnesses: how to choose and where to buy

The name “burn” today gradually replaces the “loop”. In shops you can see multi-colored bundles. But do not think that they differ only in color. Each of them has a different degree of resistance and degree of stretching.


types of harnesses


Choose a loop depends on whether:

  • what kind of result do you achieve;
  • with what purpose you will use (power load, rehabilitation, home training to maintain the form).

Before buying, consult an experienced athlete if the goal is training, or by a doctor, if – rehabilitation.

Focus on choosing the experience of masters, and not their preferences in color.

Only correctly selected harness guarantees effective training, which will result in an impressive result.


Buy this machine for muscle elasticity can be in two places:

  • sporting goods store;
  • pharmacy.

If you want to get a professional simulator ready for use right after purchase, then it’s worth buying it in a specialized store, for example, where they guarantee the quality of equipment and sports rubber. With them you can study at home or go to gyms, where there are no such devices, and you need weighting.

If you improve the shape of the house, then, by buying bundles in the pharmacy, you yourself will make a simulator that is suitable for home workouts. Differences in the degree of resistance can not be selected, but for initial training and maintaining oneself in shape – this is an acceptable option.

Fastening of harnesses

From the fastening of the loop in the gym to the bar or bars depends on your safety during exercises. It’s enough just to throw the ring on the bar and put it on the leg of the simulator on the floor. This will allow you to fix the tourniquet and ensure the tension, without breaking, and providing weighting for lifting the rod.


rubber tourniquet


If it’s a bar or bars, then it’s worth fixing the tourniquet in a loop so that it does not slip off the pipe, and you did not fall when doing the exercises. Correct fastening will also make it easier to do the job, and you will not exert any extra effort to keep the harness on the metal tube. For the convenience of the lessons modern harnesses have special handles – expanders, which provides a convenient grip of the simulator in the hand, he does not slip, you are doing efficiently and effectively.

Look good, be in shape and improve not only with boring simulators and routine exercises. Employment with the help of a sports rubber  is effective, convenient and interesting. You can invent your exercises by stretching or shaking different types of muscles.