Direction workout, emerged back in the late twentieth century. His “homeland” was America, and, more correctly, US courtyards. An obligatory element of the vorkaut are trainings for explosive strength and endurance. 

The “sport” that originated on the yard grounds remained street. To engage in a wright, you should immediately forget about the comfortable premises of the gym. Street trainings are not conducted under the strict guidance of a coach, but surrounded by friends or comrades, who are united by one desire – to exercise in the open air and fresh air.

To better appreciate this sport, we suggest you see fragments from the World Cup:

Basic exercises in the vorouth are four:

  1. training on uneven bars;
  2. pull-ups on the turnstile rail;
  3. push-ups from the prone position;
  4. squats.



Main directions

Street Workout

The main emphasis is on training with own weight. Exercises are performed on open areas in the yard, park and so on. The peculiarity of street wrestling is the lack of competition. There is neither the best nor the worst. All those who are keen on this direction help each other, they learn together.


street workout


Ghetto Workout

The ghetto originated in the ghetto goes far beyond sports and park grounds. This is due to the fact that the areas of residence of African Americans are full of drain pipes and such elements as fire stairs, benches, fences, trees. All of them are “sporting shells” for training in the ghetto of the vorkaut.

Sport Workout

As an independent trend developed against the background of increasing popularity of the vorouth. The program was acquired not only by many participants, but also enriched by a multitude of power and complex elements for execution. The sports wrestling differs from other directions in that it organizes competitions with its own judging system, standards, assigned ranks.

World championships in the wright are held regularly. Vorkauter not only needs to perform the elements well, but also to present his program as artistically and uncommonly. The complexity of the exercises is crucial. A special atmosphere of “performance” is given by musical accompaniment. Most often these are compositions by Tayler, 2Pac, Troopkillaz. A kind of “hymn” for the wrestlers was the song “I’m Workin ‘Out!”. This sport movement united enthusiasts around the world.

What are the advantages of workout?

Exercises of the program allow you to use the nerve endings and muscles in a completely new way. In everyday life, the flapping movements are carried out by the shoulder belt, and the function of the support rests on the legs. When performing the elements on the horizontal bar, the latissimus muscles of the back are used as a support, and the flies are made by the feet.

Thus, the horizontal bar is not just a sports element, but also opens up absolutely unlimited opportunities for physical development. Performing exercises on the bar – this is a unique chance to become more dexterous, hardy, strong, do not have problems with the vestibular apparatus, develop a sense of distance.

The secret of popularity

Popularization of the sporting direction was promoted by two things: the Bartenders team from the United States and the democratic character of the vorouth. It all started with the performances of the Vartourt from Bartenders in 2000. They attracted a huge number of enthusiasts who want to join the movement. Hundreds of thousands of people decided to go out to the yard and go in for sports, which is available to everyone.

To engage in a wright, you do not have to pay for attending a gym or hire a personal trainer. You can train at the yard completely at any time and completely free. No need to have any special equipment, buy sports equipment. The main thing is to have comfortable for training clothes, shoes, as well as gloves.


sport workout


Fundamental elements

Training the wrestler is a combination of dynamic and static movements. The basic elements are fundamental. To perform complex elements on the horizontal bar, which make real professionals, you need to master them. Each newcomer who decided to tackle the vorouth should begin with mastering:

  1. the exit of the angel;
  2. the exit of the prince;
  3. swallows;
  4. spears;
  5. God’s gait;
  6. horizon;
  7. officer exit;
  8. power output on two and one hand;
  9. checkbox.

Mastering the elements of street workout occurs in parallel with the training of basic exercises:

  • pull-ups;
  • front vise;
  • push-ups from the floor and on the uneven bars.

Performing basic movements allows to strengthen and increase the elasticity of tendons with ligaments, increase the endurance and explosive power of different muscle groups.

Discharges in the vortex

There are seven digits. They follow in ascending order. The sixth corresponds to the candidate for the master, and the highest (the seventh) to the master. You can get a discharge by results of basic and basic elements during the competition. The higher the discharge, the more complex the program is demonstrated. The number of repetitions in basic movements increases, and the main elements become more complicated.

Training for beginners

Imperfection in the work of the vestibular apparatus causes certain problems both in people who did not do sports seriously, and for trained physically athletes. A novice wrestler, regardless of the degree of preparation, always has the danger of losing orientation, performing a coup, getting injured as a result of the fall.

Avoid this allows the inclusion in the training of exercises on the “development” of the vestibular apparatus. Each newbie training session on the horizontal bar must include:

  1. fungus – visy upside down;
  2. rocking;
  3. rise upside down.

Rocking on a horizontal bar

Self-exercise, a characteristic feature of which is a large amplitude of motion. Recommended time of rocking for beginners is one minute. The execution time should be increased gradually. The load under swings is floating. It passes from the pectoral muscles to the broadest and in the reverse order.

Rocking performed in the vise is aimed at the development of coordination, focused on a clear idea of ​​the comparison of space during the movement:

  1. in the back slightly bend back;
  2. relax the back;
  3. the knees are pulled up to the chest;
  4. legs are thrown forward.

The execution of the motion becomes an impulse allowing the pendulum to swing. The position of the legs depends on the location of the body. They are straightened when the body moves backwards. The legs are slightly bent and thrown sharply forward at the moment of passage under the crossbar, or, more precisely, at the lowest point.


advantages of workout


Training program

Does not have any scope and limitations. Worker can make it up in random order. The main thing is that all exercises should be properly selected. The above training, designed for four days, will suit newcomers and will give an idea of ​​how to select the elements in the future.

First Day Training

  • pulling up the middle grip;
  • push-ups (hands are on the width of the shoulders);
  • leg lifts in the vise;
  • push-ups with a forward inclination on uneven bars;

Training of the second day

  • pulling up a wide grip;
  • push-ups (hands wider than shoulders);
  • leg lifts in the vise;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars.

Training of the third day

  • tightening with a narrow grip;
  • push-ups (arms already shoulder widths);
  • leg lifts in the vise;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars with a forward tilt.

Training of the fourth day

  • pulling back grip;
  • push-ups (hands on the width of the shoulders);
  • leg lifts in the vise;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars.

General recommendations

Every training begins with a mandatory warm-up. A daily set of exercises are done without any interruptions. The full complex is repeated from three to four times, letting yourself rest between the approaches for several minutes. To avoid fatigue, two to three days a week arrange a rest from training.

To begin to engage in a wright, absolutely anyone can. On the yard there is a place for everyone, regardless of the degree of preparation or age.